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iasip meme: [1/2] relationships:
↳ mac and dennis.

"He just tried to kiss me…"

My last words will be “never get your fucking phone out at the cinema you twunts”

How could game of thrones have dropped the ball that hard

I may have a cleaner but I have no money to pay her any more

Cameron’s Britain

I just thought the thought “Wah I want to make my food but the cleaner is in the kitchen” and then scolded myself for being such an entitled twonk

“Is this too bright”

"When I met you this morning I thought you were the nice scot"
“Are you one of Malcolm’s bumboys”

Bury me in Thick Of It dialogue

The new adventure time is incredible and I cried

How do we routinely manage to make the house filthy

I am ashamed and the bins smell